David D. Mason
Puffin Billy Fantaisie No 1
Deep Undercover Jazz Inn
Rush Hour No Man's Land
A Song for Nicola In a Lonely Place
Oops! Right on the Edge
"Actually" Labyrinthitis
Sharon's Gallop Ray's Rumba
Alastair Currie of Oban The Zany Xylophone
Highland Cathedral Military Band Reverie
Chinese Whispers The Legend that is Khadraj-Na
Tango Touche Dunstaffnage Castle
Confusion Am Braigh
A Moment or Two Where Fantaisie No1
Popcorn Tenterhooks
March of the Dead You Must Be Jokin'
Snake Pit On the Prowl
March of the Penguins The Bogeyman
Blue Rhapsody String Quartet Craig McFadyen's Reel
High Noon Round and Round
Jo Ann's Duets Alistair's Box
The Delightful Miss Susan Forrest Banshees
Just Strollin Kevin's new Kit
The Sands of Kuwait Hector the Hero
Fiddle Rock Hector's Box
The Star of Jura Going Christmas Krackers
Sarah's Tune Lorna's Tune
A Song for Mary A Song for Nan
Helterskelter The Wee Man
Love was born at Christmas Torquil Telfer's Farewell to the Oban Bay
Flibbertigibbet Helen and Neil's Golden Wedding Anniversary Waltz
The Delightful Miss Morven McKerrell A Bit of This , A Bit of That
Blue Rhapsody Are you in there Charlie
Auld Lang Syne A Jazzy wee Toon
Zander Zoe's Tune
Margaret and Iain's Ruby Anniversary Waltz Hugh MacFadyen of Melfort
The Gap Year Express Passin Time
A Waltz for Beth Loop
Copper Canyon 13th of October
Viejito Pascuero (old man christmas) A Colombian Coffee Break
The Phantom Cuckoo O Come all ye Faithful
Amazing Grace Highland Cathedral
The Dark Island Keltic Lament